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Cisco further strengthened its management team in Greater China to help customers and partners in the full digitalization process

Cisco today announced the formal establishment of the Chinese board of directors, providing more powerful support for China's existing business operations, and effectively coordinating the company's resources according to China's investment strategy, so as to accelerate Cisco's current business development in China, strengthen strategic deployment, and seize new opportunities. In response to this strategic thinking, Mr. Chen Shiwei will continue to serve as chairman of Cisco Greater China and chairman of Cisco China's board of directors. As the chairman of Cisco China's board of directors, Mr. Chen Shiwei is responsible for conducting a direct dialogue and providing strategic suggestions with Cisco's all high standard ball leadership team on China's strategy, all digital transformation opportunities and building strategic partnerships

at the same time, Ms. xiaojieyun has served as the CEO of Cisco Greater China since July 31, 2017, responsible for all management decisions, business development direction and vision formulation and implementation of the Greater China business. Ms. xiaojieyun joined Cisco as chief operating officer (COO) of Greater China in November 2016. She brings a new perspective to the sales department, has a keen insight into market dynamics, and works closely with other departments to complete important tasks. Her outstanding achievements fully prove that she is a capable COO of the impact of humidity on plastics

Mr. chenshiwei and the Chinese board of directors will fully support Ms. xiaojieyun and her team to continue to open up a new road to success for Greater China. Mr. Chen Shiwei and Ms. Xiao Jieyun will work closely together to solve the challenges faced by customers and achieve Cisco's strategic goals. This time, Cisco China's board of directors learned from the understanding of generalized force at home and abroad, which should include the establishment of force and torque and the adjustment of the organizational structure of Greater China, highlighting the importance of Greater China to Cisco and Cisco's long-term commitment to the local market

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