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The annual China Glass 2010 (commonly known as "China Glass Exhibition") was held at Beijing New National Exhibition in early June. The main engineering material suppliers of baochuang optoelectronic led glass and PolyVision priva are BASF, SABIC, benzene collar EMS and other CY glass electrically controlled dimming glass and polyflush glow glass participated in the grand event. The booth of baochuang optoelectronics is located at the entrance of hall D, with an excellent location. Walking into the museum, you can see a micro VIP room built by the combination of LED glass and dimming glass in the booth of baochuang optoelectronics. The blue company logo of baochuang optoelectronics is displayed on the LED glass. The LED glass with the blue logo on the red background is extremely outstanding in appearance, ingenious in design and elegant in color matching, which is deeply loved and praised by customers at home and abroad, killing many visitors' films. In addition to the beautiful appearance of LED glass, the excellent advertising effect can not be ignored. This is also the main reason why many high-end boutique counters choose polymegic led glass for store decoration and counter design - polymegic led glass can effectively attract customers' eyeballs and attention. This is the charm and selling point of polymegic led glass. Baochuang optoelectronics also exhibited the latest LED glass logo products at the China glass exhibition

baochuang optoelectronics has prepared the world's widest range of dimming glass products for the China glass exhibition, with a width of 1524mm, bringing a broader application choice for space designers and projection hard screen industry. The PolyVision privacy glass electrically controlled dimming glass made of this ultra white glass is flawless in appearance and exquisite in processing technology. The glass is milky white all over. When powered on, the transmittance is excellent and the haze is very low. It is visually natural and harmonious, showing the top quality in the industry. PolyVision privacy glass electrically controlled dimming glass has a maximum size of 1524mm x 3200mm, a minimum voltage of 24VAC, and a maximum light transmittance of 78%. It has excellent privacy protection performance, can shield any influence and object 1 inch away, and a visual angle of up to 140 degrees. These are the most important aspects of measuring the performance of dimming glass, PolyVision priv has promoted the implementation of the major project of "research and development and utilization of key new materials", and ACE glass electronic dimming glass has achieved undisputed global leadership. This is the best reward for our technical team in the U.S. head office to tirelessly pursue the ultimate innovation and perfect quality of dimming glass by sometimes adopting non-ferrous metals and special metals such as aluminum alloy in order to reduce weight for 20 years

the polyflush glow glass table specially designed for this exhibition shines brightly and leaves a deep impression on visitors. This negotiation table, which is composed of five pieces of glow glass, is locked by special glass hardware. Its appearance shines golden light. From the weak light, the glass can even be transparent; From the strong light, the surface is golden and noble. What's more strange is that from different angles, the visual experience is very different

these special optoelectronic glass products have attracted waves of visitors. During the four days of exhibition, baochuang optoelectronic's booth received many customers from all over the country and became the busiest booth in the exhibition hall. The feedback from customers was enthusiastic, and the expected exhibition effect was achieved

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