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Jingpu electromechanical implements product failure tracking and analysis management

Product failure tracking and analysis management is a part of continuous improvement in the quality management system, and continuous improvement is an eternal theme of the organization. It is a circular activity to enhance the ability to meet requirements. It is a daily and gradual improvement activity that focuses on customer care and aims to achieve the results set by the quality management system

purpose: the purpose of product failure analysis management is to find the defects in products and management system and continuously improve the quality management system, so as to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise management

since 2009, our company has implemented product failure tracking analysis management. For some systematic failures, or repeated failures of important customer products, we began to trace the identity of the product from IDnumber, which produced data products including matrix resin and fiber reinforcement, and have analyzed the causes of each component failure

success story: a company in Wuhan uses our products. Continuous failures of multiple products have seriously affected the work progress. The marketing department will reflect the customer's demands to the technical inspection department of our company. The company attached great importance to it and immediately started the product failure tracking analysis management system. Find the root cause of the fault and solve it. The event tracking period is 3 months after the event.

specific usage of the failure tracking system:

1. Determine the failure event and establish the tracking and analysis task

2. Determine the failed product from the failure event and track its original information. The management department and quality inspection department of the company regularly conduct spot checks on the original product records of relevant departments

3. Analyze the failure causes of the failed products according to the failure phenomena and original records

4. Track the specific person who caused the failure of relevant links in the failure event

5. Horizontal elimination of failure factors in the failure event

6. Vertical elimination of failure causes

7. Uncontrollable objective factors

8. Establish a timetable for tracking, analysis and management: gradually analyze the causes, find a solution to the problem, and implement it, According to the event analysis, horizontal cost is still an obstacle that many bridge owners need to overcome. Vertical elimination. The specific lubrication system is mainly composed of lubricating oil pump, special relay and pipeline, which is implemented to relevant people, horizontal specific to relevant departments, and vertical specific to enterprise volume managers. Establish a return visit schedule for different analysis stages, and check the progress of improvement effect, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous improvement

failure tracking products have a certain market share. The purpose of the system is:

Product failure tracking analysis management system, both within the company and key suppliers, should participate in the review and assessment. The management system should have a process of self-improvement, improvement and regular evaluation, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous improvement and improvement of ISO quality management system

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