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Kostron provides polycarbonate materials for organ care systems

polymer manufacturer kostron provides materials for transmedics organ care systems, which allow organs to function in vitro and make organ optimization and evaluation possible

the purpose of this transmedics device is to improve the way of organ preservation during transportation. The system delivers warm and nutritious blood to organs

&emsp even causes the anti-wear layer to peel off from the base metal; Transmedics has three OCS products - OCS heart, OCS lung and OCS liver. Each product has three main components: a portable console with wireless monitor, a disposable perfusion device and a nutrient rich solution. The transparent shell of the perfusion device uses Makrolon 2458 and Makrolon rx1452 polycarbonate to protect the organ, while the connected connector uses Makrolon rx1805 polycarbonate

John Sullivan, vice president of transmedics engineering, said, "Makrolon polycarbonate provides the combination of transparency and toughness required by this medical device."

medical Makrolon polycarbonate has several characteristics designed for OCS platform, including:

● dimensional stability

● impact and chemical resistance

● suitable for disinfection

● biocompatibility meeting many ISO test requirements

makrolon 2458 polycarbonate and Makrolon polycarbonate have low viscosity and easy release characteristics

Lauren zetts, U.S. manager of the polycarbonate healthcare market of kostron, said, "safe transportation of organs actually means the difference between life and death. I'm glad that our materials have played a role in helping transmedics complete the different tasks of providing healthy transplants in a timely manner."

costron will also display its medical applications and materials in MDM West, Anaheim, California, from February 5 to 7

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