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Precautions for selecting indentation steel wire in corrugated box production

indentation tools are called steel wire, indentation line or beer line. The materials used to manufacture steel wires should have the characteristics of wear resistance and large bending. According to different indentation needs, the shapes of steel wires include single head line, double head line, round head line, flat head line and sharp head line

in corrugated box production, indentation steel wire is a very important production accessory in carton molding. How to choose it

pay attention to the thickness of the indentation line

1. The width of the sawing seam (laser seam) on the die-cutting plate should make the indentation steel wire moderately tight after inlaying, at least you can't pull out the indentation steel wire with your bare hands

2. On laser die-cutting plates, high-grade blades are usually used to meet users' requirements for service life and bending performance. The thickness of high-grade blades has strict tolerance, for example, the thickness tolerance of Sandvik 0.71mm blades is ± 0.015mm. The laser seam is very stable and firm when matched with such thickness tolerance. The thickness of common indentation lines is shown in Table 1

3. if the indentation steel wire with large thickness tolerance is used (the thickness tolerance of many low-grade indentation steel wires is ± 0.06mm - ± 0.10mm), the indentation steel wire installed on the die-cutting plate will fall to one side under pressure, which will bring a series of problems:

the indentation position deviates from the design position

carton and carton shape change

box pasting machine jammed

the adhesive strip on the bottom template opens and shifts

the indentation height decreases and the indentation is too shallow

the indentation steel wire is loose or even falls off

pay attention to the actual height of the indentation steel wire

in actual production, we need to understand the real thickness of the indentation steel wire, not the marked thickness. The actual thickness can be measured with a micrometer

the height of the indentation steel wire is calculated according to the height of the blade and the thickness of the die-cutting material, which is also about 1400 revolutions per minute. The die-cutting materials are divided into cardboard, corrugated paper, plastic and other kinds, and their thickness is different, so the height of the indentation steel wire is also carefully distinguished. Refer to table 1 for the height of some commonly used indentation steel wires

height of indentation line = (height of die cutter - thickness of die cutting material) ± correction value

the correction value is determined according to different papers. The paper used for die-cutting cardboard and paperboard will be different: the paper with longer fiber is more tensile, and a higher indentation steel wire can be used; However, the paper with short fibers is relatively brittle, so the height of the indented steel wire needs to be reduced accordingly

however, we found in production practice that although the height of the indentation steel wire installed on the die-cutting plate has been strictly calculated and corrected (the indentation steel wire has the height and thickness printed by the manufacturer before leaving the factory), the indentation is always not in place, and this batch is often deep and the next batch is shallow, which must be constantly adjusted in the die-cutting production, and there is no rule. So what is the reason? After investigation, it is found that many of them are caused by the difference between the actual height of the indentation steel wire and the marked height. It is recommended to measure with a micrometer to see if there is a gap between the marked height of the indentation steel wire of the die-cutting plate used and the actual height? How much is it

the height of the 0.71mm indentation steel wire used for paper jam indentation should be divided into one gear at least every 0.10mm. When the difference between the actual height and the marked height exceeds 0.01mm, it indicates that another specification of indentation steel wire has been used, and it is impossible for the steel wire used now to press out the calculated or desired indentation height and indentation effect

how to choose the indentation steel wire

when the indentation effect is not satisfactory in production, the first thing to do is to confirm the actual height and thickness of the indentation steel wire, and see how far it differs from the marked specification to the bottom that some industry experts say, otherwise any other efforts can not fundamentally solve the problem

secondly, for a good indentation steel wire, it is required that the round head of the indentation is symmetrically centered. B put the two pieces of indentation steel wires together one side by one, and compare the size of the white part at the indentation end, and you can easily judge whether it is symmetrical

third, the round head of the indentation outline should be smooth, and the transition from both sides to the top should be uniform. Otherwise, high-quality printing surface will lose its original flatness and gloss after indentation

find out the above points. When we encounter the quality problem of indentation again, we just need to pick up the magnifying glass and have a close look. It turns out that many problems that can be encountered every day can be solved and avoided by such a simple method

selection of indentation steel wire in circular die cutting

the selection of indentation steel wire in circular die cutting is similar to that in flat die cutting. Compared with die cutting, round pressing has larger expansion space, which makes it easier to choose the height of indentation steel wire

generally, the horizontal indentation steel wire is slightly higher than the circumferential direction. When calculating the indentation steel wire, the depth of the blade cutting into the bottom roll must be taken into account. The depth of the blade cutting into the bottom roll is usually 2.0mm-2.5mm (1mm-1.5mm for Youli knife). The use of indentation protector can fully avoid the occurrence of wire burst, laser big head line and crosshair, which can improve the efficiency of plate making while improving the indentation effect

it needs to be reminded again that the indentation steel wire is very important for the molding accuracy control of the box sheet. The indentation steel wire also plays a role in controlling the travel speed after the box sheet is separated from the feed wheel

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