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Precautions for prepress design of flexible packaging

there are many noteworthy details in the prepress design process of flexible packaging. Here we will focus on the precautions for small text and line design

(1) small words and lines should be designed into a single package to avoid inaccurate multicolor overprint. The width of thin lines should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise they are easy to be lost or unclear in printing. The clear height of Chinese fonts shall not be less than 1.8mm, and that of English fonts shall not be less than 1.5mm

(2) special attention should be paid to the anti white text in the design. If the text is small, especially when the strokes are thin, monochrome should be used. The choice of fonts. We should also pay attention to the fact that round headed font, bold font and isoline font are the better choices, while the fonts with too great differences in strokes such as Song Dynasty font and old song dynasty font (horizontal thin and vertical thick) should be used with caution. If this font is used in the design, the net height of Chinese font should not be less than 2.5mm, and the net height of English font should not be less than 2mm. Warm printing

printing overprint two jigs separate and stretch the sample at a fixed speed Liang 20 has great influence and reputation in the country 09:05 phenomenon: when wet to wet overprint, the ink printed behind cannot be smoothly attached to the ink printed before


(1) compared with the ink printed first, the ink printed later is too sticky

(2) the ink printed first is fixed slowly and has a large amount of ink

(3) the color intensity balance of four-color ink is inappropriate

treatment method:

(1) printing with high viscosity ink first, and printing with low viscosity ink later. The ideal viscosity requirement is that it should be reduced in the order of overprint color

(2) the ink printing with fast fixation and high concentration is adopted. After the specimen is broken, the value of the experimental circle is automatically locked thinner, and the pattern area is small. It is printed first to facilitate subsequent overprint

(3) the color intensity of any set of wet multicolor overprint inks is balanced. The same amount of ink can be used during overprint. If the same set of inks is not used for printing, it should be properly handled during use

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