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Precautions for selecting industrial switches

what kind of industrial Ethernet switches are most suitable for your factory's current applications? This is really a disturbing thing, because many factors need to be considered, such as the working environment, whether redundancy is needed, managed and non managed, future maintenance and scalability, and so on

■ consideration of working environment: including temperature range, EMC, protection grade, installation method, power supply, etc. Industrial Ethernet switches are designed for those environments that are not suitable for commercial switches, such as those with extreme temperature, high vibration and strong electromagnetic noise

■ choose tube or non tube switches: if the network is relatively simple, you can choose plug and play non tube switches; For the convenience of maintenance in the future, it may be necessary to choose tubular switches. Only if the tubular switches can be actively innovated by China's automotive industry, can the ring topology connection be achieved

■ it also needs to meet relevant industrial standards: for example, marine switches should meet the standards of ship structure; If it is used in dangerous places, it should meet the corresponding certification standards; Rail transit, highway and other transportation industries also have their own standards

product overview

if there is residual chlorine and some oxidizing fungicides in the water, ut-s2448c switch can not only provide enterprises with high-performance and multi-layered solutions, but also provide strong support for the transition of service providers to data networks. Ut-s2448c switch provides hardware line speed switching, and provides enterprises with a high-performance, multi-layered solution. It is an ideal choice for building a high-speed enterprise network remote switching platform. It is also applicable to ISPs and service providers, especially for some large operators, which will enhance their competitiveness in the IP market

main features

excellent performance

36gbps high backplane bandwidth, packet forwarding rate up to 13.1mpps

high port density, up to 48 Gigabit ports +4 Gigabit ports

gigabit optical fiber supports up to 80 kilometers of long-distance transmission, and can be directly connected to the metropolitan backbone

high security and reliability

provide user authentication in 802.1x, HTTP and other ways

powerful ACL, Hardware support L2-L7 layer data filtering

support QinQ, realize dual VLAN security function

support unique ARP intrusion detection function, which can effectively prevent hacker a from RP spoofing attack in the first half of this year

flexible management method

automatic identification of straight through cables and cross cables

adopt cluster technology, support multiple device stacking, use unified IP address for centralized management, and save address resources

can pass through the control port, Telnet, web, SNMP and other management methods

support a variety of general management protocols such as broad driver, HP open view, Cisco works 2000

powerful traffic and broadcast management

automatically detect and suppress broadcast storms, and support the detection of IGMP messages, Effectively limit the flooding of broadcast packets

support flow control in full duplex mode and half duplex mode

support the rate limit of Ethernet interface in 64K steps

support the gap of its separation surface should not exceed the rules of IP multicast and QoS in the following table

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