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Precautions for safe construction of anti-corrosion paint coating operation

coating operation involves a variety of hazard factors. In the raw and auxiliary materials of coating, most of them have physical and chemical characteristics such as combustion, explosion and toxicity, and some materials also have dust hazards in the process of operation. Therefore, attention should be paid to the safe construction of fluorocarbon paint and other anti-corrosion paint coating operation

work at heights: work carried out by people at heights with positioning as the benchmark. When working in a building, if the operation is carried out on a rack more than 2m, it is a high-altitude operation. In coating operations, the main fields of use are household appliances, automobiles, aviation, ordnance and other fields. The proportion of falling from height and object strike accidents in high-altitude operations is the largest. Wearing safety helmets and safety belts correctly or erecting safety belts according to regulations can effectively avoid casualties

electrical hazards: electrical hazards to coating operations not only cause fire and explosion, but also involve other safety issues. Electrical hazards include static electricity, lightning, electric shock, etc. Static electricity will cause electric shock to human body, causing hazards such as combustion and explosion. Lightning mainly refers to the damage to electrical equipment and control system and personal injury caused by lightning strike. Electric shock is the development of high-performance lubricating grease, environmental friendly water-based coatings, pesticide intermediates and other large quantities, wide range and fine-grained products, so it happened suddenly in the past, causing serious consequences in a very short time, endangering human life safety

more than 2000 innovative start-ups in the field of new materials have been cultivated in total. Chemical pollution and toxic injury: solvent coating products themselves have certain chemical hazards. In the production of coal-based clean energy, high value-added fine chemical products and new materials, we should pay attention to the air pollution caused by solvents and thinners in the paint, which is harmful to human body

fire and explosion hazards: solvent based coatings and thinners used in painting operations are mostly flammable and explosive materials, so the painting operation itself has hidden dangers of fire and explosion. Possible causes of fire and explosion include failure to follow the operating procedures during electrostatic coating, which is easy to produce discharge sparks; Waste paint, paint mist, waste rags of paint materials and solvents are not well kept, and they are easy to cause spontaneous combustion and ignition when piled together; Improper selection or use of electrical equipment, or failure to repair in time after damage, insufficient explosion-proof grade, etc; Lightning disaster in thunderstorm season

noise hazard: sound exceeding 100dB is strong noise. People working under this noise will temporarily reduce their hearing, but they can recover. However, hearing loss or even deafness caused by noise above 150db cannot be recovered. Therefore, protective measures must be taken if it exceeds 85dB. The noise level will vary according to the equipment type, location and location. Excessive noise needs to protect workers' hearing

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