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In response to the requirements of the purchasing departments of printing enterprises, this newspaper interviewed a number of domestic suppliers and agents specializing in the production and manufacture of paste box equipment, who provided purchasing experience for enterprises, so that users can buy satisfactory products and services

in this issue, I interviewed Mr. Huang Yiting, general manager of Wenzhou Naite Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as manager Huang)

: what problems should users pay attention to when choosing box pasting equipment

manager Huang: customers should make a detailed analysis of their own needs, so that when choosing a box pasting machine, they can create unlimited wealth with limited funds. Specifically, the following aspects can be analyzed:

1. First of all, it is necessary to clarify whether the purpose of purchasing the box pasting machine is to provide for their own production or external processing. The machine should have good adaptability and versatility. In addition, the equipment should be easy to adjust and operate

2. Large scale enterprises should consider the appearance of the machine. Equipment with novel styles will win the favor of users when examining the strength of printing plants. In addition, enterprises should also pay attention to the indicators of equipment speed, noise and vibration, and also consider the continuity of equipment use. It is best to upgrade

3. While inspecting the quality of seamless steel pipes with wall thickness greater than 1.2mm, users should also understand the after-sales service of the manufacturer

4. Customers should analyze the requirements of their products, such as narrow folding edges, and the surface of printed products should not be scratched, and determine the performance of the machine through these requirements

: what kind of problems do you usually encounter in the process of using box pasting equipment in printing plants and how to solve them

manager Huang: I think there are four problems that the printing factory can pay attention to:

1. It is easy to form a bell mouth, which is a comprehensive problem that should be paid attention to from the die-cutting stage, but if the equipment can carry out special design in the origami department, such as knife row origami, the problem can be easily solved, And we lengthened the length from the paper feeding part to the origami part in the design, making the paper feeding a gradual process and making the box shape more regular

2. the paper is not in the right direction, which requires adjusting the placement position of the paper stop gauge and the pressure balance of all parts, which can be handled by relying on the experience of the box pasting machine captain

3. if the adhesive is not firm, you can check the amount of glue applied. If it is a carton with UV varnish, you need to install a grinding device on the equipment to roughen the bonding part so that it can be properly bonded (there is a special UV oil adhesive on the market recently, which users can consider to choose)

4. The scratch on the surface of printed matter is related to whether iron wire is used in origami. In particular, small boxes are often difficult to crease with a belt, and the iron wire is easy to scratch the surface. One of our characteristics is that for cartons with a plastic volume of more than 120 million tons used in small China, such as the small box commonly used in hotels to put combs, our products can be used to paste, and the belt is used to crease, We are confident in this technology

: what are the characteristics of your box pasting equipment and what problems can be solved

manager Huang: I think it is meaningful for a device to solve problems for the printing factory from research and development to use. I'd like to talk about solutions to the four major problems raised by your magazine after a lot of research on the printing factory in the early stage

1. the glue in the glue box is easy to dry

we also noticed this problem, so we used the fully enclosed glue box in the later design to avoid the direct contact between the glue and the air, resulting in the evaporation of water in the glue

2. The box types processed by the printing factory are complex and diverse, and the glue application points are different. When pasting the box, the glue application device should be removed and installed frequently

we use double-sided gluing. This design solves the problem of double-sided gluing on the one hand, and on the other hand, it does not need to be removed and cleaned frequently. In addition, a single-sided two-way screw adjustment with convenient operation is applied to the existing equipment, so that the printing factory will save a lot of time when adjusting cartons of different specifications and sizes. For example, Johnson & Johnson saved a lot of time in 2010, which improved the production efficiency of the enterprise

3. When the carton prints are folded and sent to the flattening part, due to their different lengths, the pressing wheel needs to be reinstalled, resulting in the increase of printing factory costs

the NH series box pasting machine developed by our company lengthens the folding part according to the characteristics of the carton, and also improves the flattening part, so that it can be freely adjusted and stepless speed change before and after. After improvement, it has changed the previously unable to paste, such as 1m long fluorescent tubes and some cosmetic cartons

4. The count is not accurate

our customers have also mentioned this problem. For this reason, we have developed a new counting device in cooperation with domestic advanced electronic manufacturers. It has strong anti-interference ability and accurate counting, which greatly saves the labor cost of the printing factory

in addition, we should also pay attention to the performance of the belt of vulnerable parts. We have adopted a new transmission concept synchronous belt, which is in line with international standards, effectively reducing the noise and vibration during the operation of the equipment

: choosing the box pasting equipment produced by your company can bring benefits to the printing factory, for example, for 6 × What are the benefits of the unit performance calculation software of 10 'kW thermal electric group, the optimization software of oil refining process, and the graphics processing software specially used for medical instruments

manager Huang: the equipment produced by our company has high standard quality and excellent after-sales service. We provide professional technical support and tracking service in the after-sales aspect. Within a year, if there is a problem, we can provide any accessories for free. In the field of equipment consumables, we can provide professional consumables suppliers to serve users. They take quality as a guarantee and can sign warranty contracts with users

Shanghai Zhaoquan packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. purchased our equipment to paste 1m long fluorescent tube cartons; An enterprise in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province purchased our equipment to paste the special sanitary ware cartons for hotels, ending the history that the folding edge is less than 8mm and cannot be pasted by machine; Jiangsu Nantong Jiaming printing factory used our equipment to paste tungsten halogen lamp boxes, breaking the record of the minimum unfolding size of machine paste cartons of 8cm. Our purpose of providing customers with "one-stop" products and services is to hope that our users can buy it satisfactorily and use it with confidence. (text/Li Aiai)

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