Precautions for preventing transmission line accid

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Precautions for preventing transmission line accidents

preventing transmission line accidents in order to prevent transmission line accidents, measures for preventing 110 (66) kV ~ 500kV overhead transmission line accidents, regulations on Technical Supervision of 110 (66) kV ~ 500kV overhead transmission lines and other relevant regulations of the State Grid Corporation of China should be strictly implemented, and the following key requirements should be put forward:

at the same time, record the moving distance of the gauge rod on the ruler

I Problems needing attention in the design stage

1 Strengthen the communication between the design, infrastructure and operation units, and fully listen to the opinions of the operation unit. When conditions permit, the operation unit shall intervene in the project from the design stage

2. Fully consider the impact of special terrain and meteorological conditions, try to avoid heavy ice areas and areas prone to conductor galloping, and reasonably select the type and strength of poles and towers. For sections prone to icing, tuyeres and large height difference, the length of tension section should be shortened, and the tower design should leave margin

3. The line should avoid the mined out area of the mine and other areas that may cause pole and tower tilt and subsidence as far as possible

4. 22 in addition, the new line 30 of 0kv and above should not use guyed towers in farmland and busy areas

5. Double string porcelain or glass insulators should be used at the outer corner side of the corner tower at 45 degrees and above to avoid wind bias discharge

6. In the design stage, lightning protection design should be carried out according to local conditions to appropriately improve the lightning protection level of transmission lines. For 500kV lines and important power lines, the lightning protection angle should not be greater than 10 degrees

7. Do a good job in flood control and flood control design. The transmission line shall be designed according to the flood control standard of 50 year return period. Reliable flood control measures shall be taken for poles and towers that may be scoured by floods and rainstorms; The foundation retaining wall of the tower shall have sufficient strength and good drainage measures

8. For important straight-line crossing towers, including lines crossing 110kV and above, railways, high-grade highways and expressways, navigable rivers, etc., double suspension string, V-shaped or splay insulator string structures should be used, and double independent hanging points should be used as far as possible. The flame retardant of mixed hydrogel can also be dropped from higher air

9 In the line design, measures to prevent the disconnection of conductor and ground wire should be considered, and there should be clear requirements for conductor and ground wire and stay wire fittings

10. Strengthen the anti-theft design of poles and towers, and anti-theft bolts should be used for transmission line poles and towers of 110kV and above voltage levels of 8m and below

11. When using composite insulators, the lightning protection, wind deflection prevention, bird damage prevention and other performances of the line should be comprehensively considered. Glass insulators should be used with caution in urban lines to prevent self explosion injury

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