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Treatment and definition of excessive packaging of goods (II)

III. definition method of excessive packaging of goods

what is excessive packaging of goods? The so-called excessive packaging of goods generally means that the packaging of goods unreasonably exceeds the conventional scope, directly or indirectly harming the interests of consumers. These include: (1) consumers suffer direct losses due to misleading consumption caused by excessive packaging of goods. (2) Unfair competition caused by excessive packaging disturbs the market order and ultimately damages the overall interests of consumers. (3) Excessive packaging of commodities leads to excessive consumption of various natural and social resources, affecting the overall sustainable development of society

in the current economic situation, the definition of excessive packaging of goods should take into account the direct interests of consumers, the law of market economy, resources and environment and other factors. For example:

(1) in terms of commodity packaging value: due to the demand for the coexistence of diversity of commodity packaging (no packaging, less packaging, simple packaging, general packaging and luxury packaging) due to the difference of market consumption level, under the premise of eliminating the deception and compulsory use of commodity packaging to consumers, commodity packaging cost should not become a parameter to define excessive packaging, that is to say, For luxury packaging of high priced goods, the actual value of the contents should be indicated, and consumers have a choice. The normal commodity value system, including commodity packaging, meets the value regulation law of market economy

(2) packaging volume: due to the deliberate exaggeration of the volume of commodity packaging has obvious misleading consumption, the deliberately exaggerated volume of commodity packaging will occupy additional commodity circulation resources, and the excessive packaging of commodity volume is often favored by merchants in some fields, so the volume of commodity packaging (mainly void volume) should become one of the main parameters to define the excessive packaging of commodities

(3) packaging materials: packaging materials consume man-made or natural resources. Many packaging materials with good performance are difficult to dispose of waste, and their large use will also affect the living environment. It is precisely because the cost of subsequent treatment of packaging waste should be borne by the society that these packaging materials have a good cost performance ratio for businesses. Therefore, in today's situation where resources and environment have become the main considerations for the sustainable development of economy and society, the packaging materials used for commodities and their consumption should become the basis for the definition of excessive packaging of commodities. The specific method is to analyze the resources consumed by various packaging materials and waste treatment methods, and set the resource environment coefficient. Among them, the impact of waste treatment cost factor on the resource environment coefficient is higher than the resource consumption factor, because the former is not directly borne by merchants and consumers, which is easy to cause merchants to adopt it wantonly

it is of long-term significance to restrict the excessive packaging behavior of commodities. The infrared technology in the second level is the supplement and verification of DSC analysis method. The method should be consistent with the strategy of building a harmonious society and sustainable economic development. Therefore, it is practical to use the data fitting restriction processing method to define the excessive packaging of commodities in the above three aspects

because the research on the distribution law of the above defined parameters of excessive packaging is still in its infancy "Multiple protection: in the initial stage of participating in the green plan with software and hardware protection, when studying the distribution of many random process data in nature, it is found that fitting and processing with normal distribution function can obtain relatively satisfactory results. Therefore, fitting and processing the over packaging data of the above commodities with normal distribution function has become a relatively reasonable and practical method, specifically:

in the market Collect the relevant data produced by different manufacturers with the same defined commodity attributes as the processing sample data (determine the number of samples according to the processing accuracy requirements)

use the following formula to obtain the residual error SD

, where: Xi - is the sample variable, N - is the number of samples - is the sample. The average value of this variable about the fixture applied to special samples (products and semi-finished products)

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