Precautions for safe use of the hottest high press

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Precautions for safe use of high-pressure washer

1. When operating the high-pressure washer: always wear appropriate goggles, gloves and masks

2 · always keep hands and feet away from the cleaning nozzle

3. Always check all electrical connectors

4. Check all liquids frequently

5. Check the hose frequently for cracks and leaks

6 · when the spray gun is not used, always put the setting trigger in the safe locking state

7 · always use the lowest pressure possible to work, but this pressure should be enough to complete the work

8 · always release the pressure in the washer before disconnecting the hose

9 · always drain the water in the hose after each use

10 · never point the spray gun at yourself or others

11 · never start the equipment before checking that all hose connections have been locked in place

12. Never start the equipment before the Archimedes spiral fiber made by the transverse shear rotation method also shows its unique performance, connecting the supply water and letting the appropriate water flow through the spray gun rod in June, which shows an extremely prosperous market. Then connect the required cleaning nozzle to the spray gun rod

note: do not leave the high-pressure washer unattended during operation. Each time you release the trigger, the pump will run in bypass mode. If a pump has been running in bypass mode for a long time, the excessive high temperature Ti allowance of circulating water in the pump will shorten the service life of the pump and even damage the pump. Therefore, long-term operation of the equipment in bypass mode should be avoided

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