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Precautions for prepress typesetting of PageMaker software (II)

PageMaker automatically jumps pages consecutively

PageMaker automatically jumps pages consecutively. Press shift option and select Page skipping function in pagem, and then you can automatically jump pages consecutively. PageMaker is a very common typesetting software, so some books and periodicals or articles of association will use PageMaker typesetting. When the manuscript is completed, designers often preview each full page and jump to each page, just press the page image in the lower left corner, or select go to page under the page layout list. However, for a file with dozens of pages, if you press mouse page by page or use the list to skip pages, it is very time-consuming, so PageMaker has a function of automatic continuous page skipping. Just press shift option and select go to page under the page layout list, and the file can automatically build an independent intellectual property and technical standard system of environmental friendly and high-performance surface materials to skip pages continuously, Until you press any key on the keyboard, you will stop page skipping preview, which is very convenient and easy

pagemaker quick connect text blocks

connect scattered text blocks in the way of copy and paste in PageMaker. When using PageMaker for typesetting, sometimes it is necessary to merge multiple scattered text blocks into a single text block. If there is a connection between the word block and the word block itself, just pull the roller shutter down. But if they are independent and have no connection relationship, they can only copy or cut paragraph by paragraph, and then paste. Of course, this is one of the methods, but if there are multiple paragraphs of text to be connected, this method is too cumbersome and a waste of time. In fact, we can select more than one text block at the same time and connect them together at one time. First, use the index tool to select the text blocks to be connected. Of course, it's best to arrange the order first, press copy or cut, then open a new text block, press paste, and the scattered text blocks just now will be connected together

output low precision figure

pagemaker has many strange characteristics in the fields of electricity, optics, acoustics, mechanics, heat, etc. will you ask whether you include this figure or not. When the picture is a split color EPS diagram, what it puts in is only the file header, which has a low degree of interpretation, and its megabit is less than the threshold value of PageMaker. PageMaker automatically includes this file header and does not link other DCS split color files, so it will become a low precision diagram when output. Similarly, if the diagrams contained in the PageMaker file are modified in other software, PageMaker does not re link them, and the old diagrams that have not been modified will come out at that time

when changing pages or making important changes, PageMaker takes a long time to rewrite the screen

fault: PageMaker needs more screen redrawing time than word processing programs, because it needs to accurately calculate the position of each element on the page

solution: do not use color plates. Select the black and white option in the monitor control panel. When making typesetting, use the preset command of the menu to set the Greek text to large font size. PageMaker displays Greek text much faster, and when you want to see the text format, you can always change the font size back to the actual size. Display one page at a time on the screen. If the layout is folio, do not display two pages (cancel the facing page option in the page setup dialog box). It takes more time to write two pages than one. Under the page menu, change the page whose display is smaller than the actual one

you want to display the whole clipboard around the file, but you can't find the fault by selecting the 25% command from the page menu: maybe you temporarily store some words, lines, boxes or graphics on the clipboard, but you can't see all the clipboard at the same time, and it takes a lot of time to pull the screen

solution: select the fit in window command from the page menu and press the shift key. In this way, the full window display magnification standard is selected, and the entire clipboard around the display file is not willing to change the page setting default value, input standard, line or hatch pattern every time a new file is opened.

fault: PageMaker has missing settings for each new file format

solution 1 generally speaking: create a set of custom format values, even store the default text, graphics or home page, create a document, and save it as a template file * if you want to change the existing default settings when opening any new file, you should choose the menu command to the required settings without opening the file, and then the default settings of all new files will change

don't want to click two or three buttons to open the multi-level nested dialog box

fault: many dialog boxes generated by PageMaker command also contain dialog boxes

solution: click OK or cancel in the current dialog box and press and hold option. PageMaker automatically closes all dialog boxes and returns to the layout

use the place command to select the place text, and click OK to place it, but you change your mind.

fault: after clicking the place text command, you cannot reply from the edit menu

solution: instead of clicking to place text in the file, click the pointer tool in the toolbox. This cancels the placement operation

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