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Precautions for safe operation of automobile electric welding

in the process of promoting industrial development in two aspects of automobile electric welding, it will contact with various flammable and explosive gases, pressure vessels and electrical appliances, which may produce toxic gases, harmful dust, arc radiation and other hazards. If construction personnel neglect safety and operate against rules, serious consequences will be caused. For example, a welder in an auto repair shop suddenly exploded while repairing the gasoline tank due to violating the operating procedures, causing facial injury to the operator. Therefore, the oil tank must be thoroughly cleaned before repair welding. The general cleaning methods of gasoline tank are as follows

1. empty the gasoline, remove the oil tank, then fill more than half of the tank with water, guide the boiler steam into the water with a pipe, let the water in the tank boil for about 1H, and make the colloid and dirt float on the water surface for easy removal, so for two consecutive times

2. clean the gasoline tank with hot water, and then dry it with compressed air to remove the gasoline vapor in the tank. Finally, put the gasoline tank into an aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide to test whether the pedal meets the requirements of reliable and wear-resistant use. Wash the inside and outside of the oil tank with clean water after soaking. If rust is found, remove it with a wire brush

3. if the above conditions are not met, clean water can also be used to flush the oil tank. The method is to insert the water pipe into the tank mouth, open the oil drain bolt and float mouth, and wash it with pressurized water for about 5 days until the smell of gasoline cannot be smelled before welding

after cleaning the oil tank, check its tightness. The method is to first block the orifices of the gasoline tank with rubber plugs, then immerse in water, and introduce compressed air with a pressure of 117.6~147kpa into the tank from the tank pipe joint. The place where air emerges is the leakage part. If the vulnerability is not large, tin welding can be used, and if the vulnerability is too large, patch welding shall be applied. When applying gas welding, fill the oil tank with cold water to prevent explosion. After welding repair, use a file knife to level the welding position, and then use the above leak detection method to detect the leak. After passing the test, it shall be loaded for use

the automobile electric welding operation site must be kept dry and clean, and have good ventilation and light. At present, China shares about 50million daily orders of bicycles in the whole industry, with an area of no less than 4m2; There shall be no inflammable and explosive materials on and around the wall, and fire hazards shall be prevented during welding. When local welding repair is carried out on the vehicle, the gasoline tank should be removed or isolated first to avoid accidents

in order to prevent electric shock, wear dry and clean work clothes and insulating shoes during the operation of automobile electrical welding, and work in a dry place; Electric welding machine 1. Support and clamping method of leaf spring: the shell and weldment must be grounded; The cable and welding tongs handle should be well insulated; The connecting bolts between cables and welding equipment shall be tightened tightly; Dismantling or repairing the primary line of electric welding equipment shall be operated by a specially responsible electrician

the arc will emit strong infrared and ultraviolet rays. If the eyes are exposed to infrared rays for too long, it will cause eye disorders in the crystal body, and even blindness in severe cases. A short period of ultraviolet radiation will also cause photophobia, eye disease, causing severe pain and tears. Ultraviolet rays can also burn the skin and even peel off. It may also be burned by splashing metal during arc welding. Therefore, in addition to wearing work clothes and insulating shoes, welders must also wear special leather gloves and special protective plates or masks as required before operation. Electric welders must recognize the importance of safe production, be familiar with safety knowledge, and abide by operating procedures to ensure safe production

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