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Precautions for safe operation of magnetic drill

warning! In order to avoid accidents such as electric shock, injury and mechanical damage, the following safety regulations must be strictly observed when using the magnetic seat drill

1. safety operation procedures for magnetic drill

the power socket used by the magnetic drill must match the power plug of the magnetic drill, and the leakage protector must be installed on the incoming power side

1.1 if the body or wire of the magnetic drill is damaged, it should be stopped immediately

1.2 the magnetic seat drill can only be used on the smooth and clean surface of the workpiece

1.3 the magnetic seat drill must be firmly adsorbed on the workpiece. When working at heights, safety chains (ropes) must be fastened

1.4 during operation, work clothes, safety helmets, protective glasses, etc. must be worn according to the specifications. Avoid wearing loose sleeved overalls and gloves, and do not hold cotton yarn and rags stained with coolant to cool the rotating drill bit

1.5 in the working process, high-quality cutting oil must be used, and aqueous solution is not allowed

1.6 before replacing the drill bit, the power supply of the motor must be turned off and the power plug must be unplugged

1.7 when the drill bit is stuck, turn off the motor immediately

1.8 it is strictly forbidden to change gears when the motor is rotating

1.9 after using the magnetic base drill, turn off the power immediately, unplug the plug, and remove the sundries at the bottom of the magnetic base

2. Correct operation method

2.1 use the specified voltage. The power supply voltage does not exceed that on the nameplate of the magnetic base drill, so a variety of fixtures are available for selection and extensive utilization experience is very important Software and hardware workbench operation Y-axis excellent electronic universal testing machine adopts brand computer rated voltage of 10%

2.2 installation method of coring bit

(1) put the ejector pin into the coring bit

(2) put the drill bit into the collet, tighten and fix it

(3) make sure the drill bit is installed

(4) add cutting oil into the hole at the tool handle

2.3 according to the working conditions, select the drill bit and speed gear correctly

2.4 when the magnetic base adsorption surface is not operated horizontally, the safety chain drilled within ± 0.5% of the set value of the magnetic base must be used

2.5 the magnetic seat drill must work on a smooth and clean iron surface, and the thickness of the steel plate must be greater than 6mm

2.6 before the motor works, first calibrate the empty position, then press the red magnetic base switch to start the magnetic base, and then press the green start button to start the motor

2.7 when using a core drill or fried dough twist drill, do not use too much pressure to speed up the drilling speed, and use cutting oil when drilling

2.8 turn off the motor and press the red stop button. Close the magnetic base and press the red magnetic base switch

3. Daily maintenance

3.1 keep the magnetic seat drill clean and the motor vent unblocked

3.2 after each use, the bottom of the magnetic base must be cleaned

3.3 do not make the power line contact with heat source and grease. Prevent the power cord from being scratched, cut and easily damaged

3.4 after the magnetic pedestal drill has been in normal use for four months, the warehouse repairman must properly add grease to the magnetic pedestal drill to prevent the magnetic pedestal drill from losing oil and damaging the machine parts

3.5 regularly check whether the bolts on the magnetic seat drill are loose, and properly tighten the gap of the dovetail groove

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