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III. eliminate five protections to prevent foaming of epoxy floor paint

III. eliminate five protections to prevent foaming of epoxy floor paint

April 7, 2013, and so on until the sample is broken

[China paint information] according to years of construction experience and observation of Li Zhuang enterprises, the reasons for foaming after the construction of epoxy floor paint are various:

1. The temperature is too high, resulting in the softening of epoxy binder and the greatly reduced viscosity; 2. The floor base is wet and watery, and the water vapor cannot be excluded; 3. Poor combination of epoxy and base course construction, leaving gaps, etc

to sum up, part of the moisture, epoxy residue and gas in the base layer are wrapped in the epoxy and the base layer, forming bubbles of different sizes. Due to the epoxy layer itself, 1. Whether the fixture is easy to use, quiet and impervious to moisture, the moisture cannot be discharged, leaving bubbling roots and seedlings

in order to prevent blistering of epoxy layer, three things should be eliminated in the construction of epoxy floor paint: (1) water; (2) Exposure to sunlight; (3) Dust

take measures to prevent blisters:

(1) make a waterproof layer on the ground base to prevent moisture from seeping upward, strictly control the moisture content in the base or waterproof layer within 8%, and the compressive strength is greater than 20MPa, and then carry out epoxy construction

(2) improve the adhesive force between the epoxy layer and the base or waterproof layer, overcome the expansion force at the beginning of blistering, and avoid blistering

(3) in the construction of epoxy layer, the primer should be made of high-quality materials: ① let a part of epoxy penetrate into the base or waterproof layer to form a whole; ② Improve the adhesive force and leave less residual substances or chemical gases after curing

(4) epoxy construction Chinese scientific research institutions may have mastered the relevant technology. After the completion of the technology, avoid the sunshine and reduce the change of temperature difference on the surface and inside of the epoxy layer

(5) dust and sundries must be cleaned up during construction on the base course or waterproof layer. There is no gap between the epoxy layer and the base or waterproof layer after construction

according to the introduction, the selection of waterproof materials for epoxy floor base course must have the following points:

1) impermeability

2) compression resistance, strength greater than 20MPa

3) it has strong adhesion to the ground

4) and epoxy resin are easy to bond to form a whole

in addition, the waterproof layer shall not be subjected to heavy pressure within 3 days after the completion of construction, so as to protect the finished product

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