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Zhaoqing plans to build a three-dimensional transportation network within one hour after driving three years.

Zhaoqing plans to build a three-dimensional transportation network within one hour after driving three years.

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Guide: it is learned from the relevant parties of Zhaoqing that in three years, the drive from Zhaoqing urban area to Guangzhou will be shortened to less than one hour, the new Guangzhou airport will indirectly become Zhaoqing airport, and Zhaoqing is expected to truly integrate into the one hour economic circle of the Pearl River Delta; On the other hand, as the Dragon neck leading to the southwest of the Pearl River Delta, Zhaoqing will further play

it is learned from relevant parties in Zhaoqing that in three years, the drive from Zhaoqing urban area to Guangzhou will be shortened to less than one hour, and the new airport in Guangzhou will indirectly become the airport in Zhaoqing. Zhaoqing is expected to truly integrate into the one hour economic circle in the Pearl River Delta; On the other hand, as the Dragon neck of the Pearl River Delta leading to the southwest, Zhaoqing will further play the role of "bridgehead of the Pan Pearl River Delta". At that time, Zhaoqing will have two expressways leading to the southwest, Guanghe and Guangwu. Xijiang, the former "golden waterway", will reproduce its past prosperity

according to reports, Zhaoqing is deploying to take advantage of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to implement the "Pan Pearl River Delta" strategy, give full play to its good geographical advantages, take transportation construction as a breakthrough, and speed up its integration into the Pearl River Delta one hour economic circle. It plans to invest 21billion yuan to build Zhaoqing's urban area as the center, with highways and expressways as the main channels, the urban expressway system as the framework, and the township and village roads as the hard bottom; A modern shipping system characterized by river sea direct access, trunk and branch connections, and land and water combined transportation, as well as a regional railway hub connected with the national trunk railway. Finally, a three-dimensional, intelligent, fast and efficient comprehensive transportation network system with coordinated development of aviation, highway, railway, water transportation and other transportation modes will be formed


4000 kilometers of new and reconstructed roads will be built and reconstructed in Zhaoqing in 2007, with an estimated total investment of 16 billion yuan. Complete the Zhaoqing Guangzhou new airport expressway, the Sanshui HUAIJI section of Guanghe Expressway and the civilized operation model avenue of national highway 321, start the construction of the Gaoming Sihui Huanggang section and Sihui Dawang class I highway of the outer ring expressway of the Pearl River Delta, and fully complete the grade reconstruction project of the county to town highway and the township to village hard foundation project, so as to realize the county to county highway, the key central towns to class I highway, and the general towns to class II Highway Every village has access to hard bottomed roads; Complete the regulation project of Zhaoqing section of Xijiang channel and the construction project of civilized model channel; Complete the expansion project of Zhaoqing new port, the supporting project of Sanrong port, the expansion project of Dawang Wharf in high tech Zone, the expansion project of Deqing Kangzhou port, and the expansion project of Gaoyao Jinli wharf; Complete the expansion of Xijiang bridge, the construction of Kainan bridge and Xinjiangkou bridge; Complete the construction of Ziyun Avenue and the reconstruction projects of Zhaoqing Avenue and Duanzhou No.78 road; Start to study and strive to realize the diversion of some routes of Sanmao railway; Build and transform 49 passenger and freight stations and 11 freight stations

by 2010, on the basis of completing the construction of recently planned highway projects from 2004 to 2007, continue to plan and construct four key highway projects, a total of 180 kilometers, with an estimated investment of 5billion yuan. Build the connection line between Zhaoqing urban area and Lianhua and the outer ring expressway of the Pearl River Delta, the Sihui Huanggang Sanshui junction section of the outer ring expressway of the Pearl River Delta, the HUAIJI Guangxi junction section of Guanghe Expressway and the Zhaoqing section of Taiyuan Macao expressway; Complete the reconstruction of class I highway from fengkaiwang village to Gangping provincial highway in HUAIJI; Reconstruction and construction of Xinghu Avenue; The operating passenger cars from the city to all counties (cities) and districts will be upgraded, and the city's rural passenger transport will be transit oriented; Further improve the navigation conditions of water transportation; Strive to build Guangzhou Zhaoqing Intercity Express rail, Zhaoqing Wuzhou railway and Sanmao double track railway in advance


the three-dimensional traffic network highlights its regional advantages

according to the experts of the Zhaoqing Advisory Group, in recent years, Zhaoqing has strengthened the construction of urban traffic infrastructure, successively completed a number of key transportation projects such as the 500 kilometer Ring Road, the Guangzhou Zhaoqing expressway, the Zhaoqing Bridge and the Jinma Bridge, basically completed the grade reconstruction projects on provincial and county roads, and began to pay attention to the hard bottom construction of roads connecting administrative villages, Xijiang waterway regulation has been started, a number of urban roads have been constructed and reconstructed, and a comprehensive transportation network and urban road network including roads, railways, waterways and ports have been initially built. Nevertheless, there is a certain gap between the transportation infrastructure of the city and the average development level of the whole province, which is incompatible with the requirements of economic and social development, especially the grand goal of building a modern new Zhaoqing

experts believe that with the implementation and development of regional cooperation in the "Pan Pearl River Delta", Zhaoqing is facing new development opportunities and challenges. As the edge of the core area of the "Pearl River Delta", Zhaoqing is located in the position connecting the "Pearl River Delta" in the East and the southwest in the West. To give full play to the regional advantage of "connecting the East with the west", we must speed up the construction of transportation infrastructure. At the same time, in order to build a garden style, ecological and modern city, Zhaoqing must speed up the construction of a new channel connecting the central urban area of Zhaoqing and the southeast region to the Guangfo economic circle and transportation, as well as the construction of an urban road with reasonable layout, high level and optimized environment, so as to effectively promote the expansion of the urban area to the East and the south, create a city characteristic style integrating the two banks of the river and the "river, lake, mountain and city", and build the most suitable tourism A regional central city with a population of more than one million for human settlement and entrepreneurship

through this transportation infrastructure construction, three East-West channels leading to the "Pearl River Delta" in the East and connecting to the "great southwest" in the West will be built, forming a plan for three development axes that run through the East and West and radiate the whole territory of Zhaoqing: the north line, and the construction of Guanghe Expressway on the basis of the four connecting lines of provincial roads (Sihui Guangning HUAIJI). The middle line, based on national highway 321, will be upgraded to a first-class highway. It plans to build a fast trunk line to Guangzhou new airport, and dredge and transform the golden waterway of Xijiang River. It is planned to build a railway from Liuzhou to Zhaoqing via Wuzhou in the long term. The south line will be further transformed into line 324, and the Zhaoqing section of Guangwu expressway will be completed and opened as soon as possible. The realization of these ideas will play a positive and important role in implementing the strategy of moving east, connecting the East with the west, undertaking industrial transfer and expansion, developing the logistics exhibition industry, promoting the cross regional cooperation and development of Zhaoqing tourism, and promoting the economic and trade cooperation of the "Pan Pearl River Delta"

[the research of the city is still in the laboratory testing stage]

economic development provides employment opportunities

the citizens interviewed said: the implementation of the construction of three-dimensional transportation network in Zhaoqing has shortened the space-time distance between mountainous counties and the core area of the Pearl River Delta. Now many enterprises have chosen to set up factories along the highway. The people in mountainous areas have seen a new round of development hope, the employment opportunities of the masses have increased, and the living standards have improved. The construction of "golden waterway" has reproduced the prosperity of Xijiang shipping. Both freight and passenger volume have increased than before. The construction of the airport express trunk line has provided conditions for Zhaoqing to develop logistics and other industries, and it is more convenient for citizens to travel than before. Now Zhaoqing City is more beautiful than before, the conditions for receiving tourists are much better than before, and the living environment of urban residents has been greatly improved


Introduction to the top ten engineering projects

1 some enterprises in the United States and Japan have taken the lead in R & D Zhaoqing Guangzhou new airport expressway

the project starts from Dinghu Lianhua and ends at Dashitou, Sanshui City, with a total length of 25.81 kilometers and a subgrade width of 26 meters. The whole line is designed according to the technical standard of a four lane first-class highway with a calculated driving speed of 100 km/h. The total investment of the project is planned to be 580 million yuan. At present, the preparation of the project feasibility study report has been completed, and we will strive to start construction before the end of this year and open to traffic in 2007

2. Sanshui HUAIJI section of Guanghe Expressway starts from Guangsan Expressway in Sanshui City and ends at Huaicheng, HUAIJI County. After completion, it will be the transportation artery connecting the Pearl River Delta and the southwest of Zhaoqing, and it is a major transportation equipment project planned and constructed by Zhaoqing and listed as the key construction of expressways in the Province. The project has a total length of 118.04 kilometers and a wide subgrade 5 meters, the whole line adopts the standard of 6-lane Expressway with calculated driving kilometers/hour. (coincident with the Sanshui HUAIJI section of the Taiyuan Macao Expressway planned by the state), the total planned investment is 6.548 billion yuan. The project is planned to be constructed in two stages. First, the Sanshui HUAIJI section will be constructed, and the construction will be started before the end of this year, and will be completed and opened to traffic in 2007; Secondly, the HUAIJI Guangxi junction section will be constructed, with an estimated total investment of 2.008 billion yuan. At present, the feasibility study report of the project has been prepared, and expert review can be organized in the near future. The construction is planned to be completed from 2005 to 2008

3. Zhaoqing section of Pearl River Delta outer ring expressway

the project is uniformly planned by the province. It starts from Renhe Town West of Gaoming City and ends near Sihui East city. The total length is 60 kilometers, the subgrade is 33.5 meters wide, and the authority adopts the 4-lane Expressway standard with a calculated driving speed of 100 km/h. The total planned investment is 3billion yuan, which is a provincial investment and construction project. We should strive for the province to arrange the construction in advance, complete part of the subgrade in 2006 and open to traffic in 2007

4. National Highway 321 civilized model Avenue

the project starts from Sihui Mafang bridge and ends at the junction with Wuzhou. It is planned to pave asphalt concrete pavement on the whole line and improve various transportation facilities according to GBM engineering standards, with a total investment of 820million yuan. We will strive to start construction in September this year and complete it by the end of 2005

5. The total length of the project is 14.22 kilometers, of which the 1393 meter long Kainan bridge is the main project, with a total planned investment of 200million yuan, which is included in the construction of the branch line of Guangwu expressway. The project approval design will be completed this year, and the land acquisition, demolition, bidding and underwater works of the bridge will be completed in 2005. Depending on the construction progress of Guangwu expressway, the construction will be started as soon as possible, and it will be completed and opened to traffic in 2007

6. Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge expansion

the expansion project has a bridge length of 1567.7 meters, an approach of 3.61 kilometers, and a total planned investment of 171 million yuan. The construction of the project was officially started in September last year, striving to be completed and opened to traffic before the National Day holiday in 2005

7. The total mileage of the highway upgrading project in county and town is 296.83 kilometers, with a total investment of 385 million yuan. The renovation project was started last year, and we will strive to basically complete the project construction task within this year. The task of the hard bottom reconstruction project of Zhentong village highway is 2515 kilometers, with a total investment of about 630million yuan. It is planned to complete more than 600 kilometers every year for four consecutive years from this year, and to be fully completed in 2007

8. The comprehensive regulation and construction of Zhaoqing section of Xijiang River Waterway

the planning of Xijiang River comprehensive regulation and construction project, the fault detection and maintenance level standard of channel impact testing machine: the navigation capacity of Xijiang bridge to carry Tiger Leaping gate is increased from 1000 tons to 3000 tons; The section from Xijiang bridge to Wuzhou reaches 2000 tons. We should actively strive for the support and cooperation of the upstream and downstream areas of the Xijiang river channel, establish a cooperative development mechanism, and strive to complete the regulation project of the Xijiang River Bridge to Hutiaomen channel in the downstream of the Xijiang River by 2005, and the regulation task of the Zhaoqing Wuzhou channel in 2007. At the same time, we will ensure that the national civilized model channel of the West Jiangnan estuary Zhaoqing section passes the acceptance within the year

9. Zhaoqing new port construction

the project has been officially started in December 2003, with a total investment of 190million yuan. Including the main project of the port, the port inspection supporting project and the construction of access roads, and strive to complete and put into trial operation in 2005

10. Ziyun Avenue, Zhaoqing Avenue, Xinghu Avenue and Duanzhou in the urban area

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