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Sankeshu waterproof Anhui factory was put into operation, marking a new chapter in the scientific and technological waterproof of major brands

sankeshu waterproof Anhui factory was put into operation, Play a new chapter in scientific and technological waterproofing of major brands

October 28, 2019

"with the continuous improvement of China's comprehensive national strength and urbanization level, the volume of incremental housing construction waterproofing market is expanding, and the proportion of building renovation is rising. In addition, infrastructure investment such as underground pipe gallery and sponge City, the long growth period of waterproof material cotton and the implementation of exterior wall waterproofing standards will increase the scale of waterproof material market from the current 100 billion yuan (statistical caliber of Enterprises above Designated Size) it will be expanded several times on the basis, and the waterproof market will usher in a new golden period of development. "

sankeshu, a big brand, has seen the trend. Since sankeshu Anhui eco industrial park was officially put into operation in April 2019, there has been significant positive news recently. At the beginning of October, two waterproof coating production lines and two waterproof coiled material production lines were put into operation for sankeshu waterproof, mainly producing sankeshu waterproof self-adhesive coiled material, modified asphalt waterproof coiled material and waterproof coating, as the starting paint for the fourth quarter of 2019

however, sankeshu's green technology waterproof strategy is obviously not only to meet the production capacity improvement, but also hopes to upgrade the industrial supply chain, consolidate the basic strength of the brand and create a "globally competitive technology waterproof brand" through the trilogy of "green factory, green intelligent manufacturing and green benchmark". Now let's lead you into the sankeshu super green benchmark factory:

green factory, green manufacturing, green benchmark

green factory - the whole construction of sankeshu Green Super factory will integrate the "ecological strategy" of the headquarters into the construction of sankeshu Anhui ecological industrial Park, and is committed to building a Chinese and even world-class intelligent manufacturing and green production benchmark park. The park inherits the green, intelligent and ecological genes of the three trees Putian headquarters, creating a garden like environment with clear lakes, beautiful trees, green ground and fragrant flowers

green manufacturing - the full intelligent management of the whole park allows us to pray for Malaysia Airlines, and we have introduced the world's top automated production lines and cleaner production systems, which can achieve safe and pollution-free production. The whole plant has imported more than 100 sets of world-leading experimental and testing equipment and many of the most advanced automatic production lines from Germany, the United States, Singapore and other places. It operates in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems, and introduces advanced ERP management systems and DCS and MES automatic information systems, realizing the automation and standardization of production control systems

what made this research continue for 20 years? Wang Xianhong said that

green benchmark - at present, two waterproof coiled material production lines have been built. After the two waterproof coating production lines are fully put into operation, the comprehensive production increase of waterproof coating, can making, modified asphalt waterproof coiled material, water-based adhesive, polyurethane waterproof coating and other products can be achieved. In the later period, the international top imported asphalt coiled material, TPO and other advanced production lines will continue to be introduced, and the green intelligent manufacturing supply chain will continue to be built, Establish the benchmark of green manufacturing production in the industry

As a national high-tech enterprise, sankeshu has always attached importance to the research and development and manufacturing of health products, in line with international technology, adhered to green innovation, scientific and technological waterproofing, established long-term cooperative relations with Bayer, BASF, DuPont and other international first-class chemical enterprises, and created a green benchmark for super factories

in addition, sankeshu also has the first batch of provincial technology centers in the industry, CNAs national recognized laboratories and a full set of internationally leading scientific research, experiment and testing equipment. It has carried out technical cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen University, foreign chemical experts, etc. the level of technical research and development has always been at the forefront of the industry, has achieved internationally advanced scientific research results and a number of national patents, and has participated in the formulation of many national standards

sankeshu has a 5000 square meter technology center and has five research and development platforms: National recognized enterprise technology center, post doctoral research workstation, Fujian academician expert workstation, Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory and CNAs national recognized laboratory

with the launch of the new production line of the super factory and the trilogy of green ecology, green intelligent manufacturing and green benchmarking, sankeshu waterproof takes "scientific and technological waterproof, building a better life" as its corporate vision, adheres to the brand concept of "scientific and technological waterproof, long-term construction and long-term safety", and builds the Invisible Great Wall of green buildings through extreme products and service systems. The road of building scientific and technological waterproof is bound to go to a higher level

at present, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the great motherland, sankeshu waterproof, as a big brand and leader of scientific and technological waterproof, will surely shoulder the mission of national construction, build a long-term peace for scientific and technological waterproof, and play a loud song

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