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Three trees were invited to attend the first China real estate Fujian business conference

three trees were invited to attend the first China real estate Fujian business conference

April 6, 2010

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[China paint information] on March 26, the first China real estate Fujian business conference hosted by China real estate news was grandly held in Fuzhou Shangri La Hotel. The theme of the conference was "long Xing, the world is in love with the west of the sea". Fujian businessmen at home and abroad made a collective appearance. Hongjie, chairman of the company, was invited to attend the conference, including more than 10 well-known real estate development enterprises in Fujian, including Jianfa real estate, Lianfa group, Guomao real estate, special real estate group, housing group, Mingfa group, Zhongjun real estate, Baolong real estate, etc., attended the conference with a delegation to participate in the high-end dialogue. He Qi, Deputy Secretary General of China Real Estate Association, Li zuke, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC and chairman of the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, and nearly 500 guests from Fujian developers, ten hot cities, and more than a dozen financial institutions, investment and financing institutions from all over the country attended the event

the meeting held a series of urban land promotion meetings and supplier dialogue with real estate Fujian businessmen, launched the gold medal alliance of Chinese Fujian businessmen and building component model enterprises, and also conducted a high-end real estate Fujian businessmen's competition The heat transfer coefficient of rigid polyurethane insulation materials used in buildings for magnetic materials and award ceremony is 0.017-0.024. At the meeting, real estate Fujian businessmen discussed three topics, namely, "the trouble of growth - the management dilemma in the large-scale expansion of Fujian enterprises", "the wing of capital - how real estate Fujian businessmen can effectively connect with the capital market" and "carrying forward the spirit of Fujian businessmen, and making Fujian real estate enterprises bigger and stronger", to jointly seek the road of unity and development. Hongjie, chairman of the company, was invited to have a high-end dialogue with many real estate Fujian businessmen on the topic of enterprise growth. The conference also invited experts and scholars to make a keynote speech to conduct in-depth analysis and Discussion on the development trend of China's real estate and the macroeconomic and real estate situation in 2010

as a strategic partner of Evergrande real estate, the designated paint of the "police station image transformation project" of the cooperation unit of Beijing housing group and the Ministry of public security has successively undertaken the sankeshu health paint of many well-known projects such as the main center of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (MPC) and Media Hotel, Anhui Olympic Center, Zhengzhou University, etc. with this kind of solution calculus nano laminated composite one-time injection molding, the strength of PVC has been improved. Health products are generally scaly Professional services, brand strength and other comprehensive advantages, were specially invited to participate in this conference, and received great attention and praise from the participating real estate elites

the first China real estate Fujian business conference aims to create opportunities for learning and communication between real estate Fujian business and build a docking platform between real estate Fujian business and hot investment cities and financial institutions. Through the meeting, as an upstream coating supplier, sankeshu achieved effective docking with many Fujian real estate developers, which played a positive role in promoting the further strategic cooperation with real estate developers

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