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Three layer coextrusion direct plastic suction molding disposable degradable tableware equipment

Beijing keyvia environmental protection center combines its own research and development experience and recycling experience in various environmental protection tableware for more than ten years, and actively promotes the use of various environmental protection tableware, especially direct extrusion molding environmental protection plastic tableware and its production equipment, according to relevant national policies and market conditions. This kind of production line integrates extrusion and Blister molding, with high-speed continuous operation and high production efficiency. It abandons the extrusion and puller in the winding mechanism and blister. It describes the arduous current situation of resource-based cities such as Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province. The disadvantages of large investment and high energy consumption brought by the heating device realize the automatic continuous molding of the whole machine. At the same time, the cutting and molding of the machine are completed in the same process, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity, The subsequent punching process can punching and cutting products with more than three layers at one time or automatic continuous forming and cutting, creating technical conditions for further improving work efficiency. Because the mold on the molding machine can be replaced at any time according to the needs of products, its scope of application is more extensive. Environmental friendly plastic tableware is in line with the national environmental protection policy to control white pollution and the requirements of accelerating the elimination of polystyrene foamed tableware. It is a product with less investment, high output, small floor area, short investment payback period and strong market adaptability

three-layer co extrusion direct Blister molding disposable PP tableware is a new generation of environmental protection tableware equipment newly developed by keyvia environmental protection center according to the characteristics of various environmental protection tableware. The successful development of this equipment and its process fills the blank of three-layer co extrusion direct Blister molding of disposable degradable tableware in China, It solves the problem that the sanitary index of PP high filled disposable degradable tableware in 2012 (2) and 2018 (especially the residue that should be tested by hydraulic strength for evaporation) seriously exceeds the standard. Because the machine is directly formed in the molten state, the different experiments greatly reduce the leftover materials formed in the processing, reduce the processing cost, and solve the problem that the leftover materials are recycled many times and affect the product quality

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