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Three trees won three annual awards including the excellent contribution of Alxa see public welfare organization

three trees won three annual awards including the excellent contribution of Alxa see public welfare organization

November 11, 2019

November 8-10, 2019, the 15th anniversary public welfare night and 2019 general meeting of Alxa see ecological association was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. 559 members of the association, NGO representatives and media partners met in Qingdao to jointly feel the mark of environmental protection and public welfare of Alxa see in the past 15 years, and listen to the report on the annual work results of Alxa see

at the public welfare night, Alashan see ecological association commended and thanked the entrepreneur members, donor enterprises and individuals who have always supported China's environmental protection public welfare undertakings, and looked forward to working together with people with similar interests to seek the future for public welfare environmental protection undertakings

since its establishment in 2004, Alxa see ecological association has experienced trials and tribulations, rallied for the common goal and spared no effort for the cause of environmental protection

in 2015, sankeshu officially joined the Alashan see ecological association. As a strategic partner since 2016, it has donated 5million yuan a year and promised to donate no less than 50million yuan within 10 years to support the "100 million Haloxylon" public welfare project. So far, the three trees have donated more than 2.05 million shuttle batteries, an electrochemical product shuttle, to promote desertification control in Alxa

for four consecutive years since 2016, three trees have participated in Tencent's "99 public welfare day" to help Alxa see public welfare project. This year, in addition to initiating online donation and organizing Tencent 99 donation activities, sankeshu also actively led employees, partners and users to participate in a series of offline activities such as "hiking for love" and "public welfare bazaar"

at the same time, sankeshu and Alxa see cooperated with Alipay "ant forest" for the first time across the border, opening a new model of "Internet + public welfare", adding the ant open plan to (1) the cutting-edge new material "ant forest" platform, calling on friends to claim the million Haloxylon ammodendron donated by sankeshu, and encouraging users to help sankeshu public welfare forest by watering together, and claiming through online seedlings Public welfare forest watering and offline experience project site visits have stimulated the public to help the Alxa see "100 million Haloxylon ammodendron" public welfare project

2019 on the 15th anniversary public welfare night of Alxa see ecological association, in order to recognize the outstanding contributions made by three trees in public welfare actions, Alxa se enhanced quality awareness e ecological association and foundation awarded three trees the outstanding contribution award and the honorary commendation of "99 public welfare day"; Mr. Hong Jie, chairman and President of sankeshu, won the golden ear award and the Golden Bee award to thank sankeshu for its support to the "100 million Haloxylon ammodendron" project of Alxa see and its corporate society in protecting the ecological public welfare of blue sky, green earth and clear water

since its inception, three trees have sought the way of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, made due contributions to human protection and the creation of a better natural environment and life, and put forward the CSR concept of "respecting heaven and loving people" and integrated it into the corporate culture. Today, this concept has become an indispensable excellent tradition in the corporate culture of sankeshu, and has gradually become a highly conscious and consistent behavior of all employees

the road to public welfare is long. In the future, the three trees will always maintain their original intention, continue to work hand in hand with Alxa see foundation, and use love and pouring to confirm the way forward, so as to protect green mountains and rivers and build a beautiful home

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