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Volkswagen develops carbon fiber roof for the seventh generation Golf

Volkswagen executives recently said that they are developing carbon fiber roof for the seventh generation Golf high-performance vehicles. Some foreign media believe that this means that carbon fiber materials will move from luxury cars to mainstream models

ulrichhackenberg, director of research and development of Volkswagen, revealed to the US station that the carbon fiber roof can reduce the vehicle weight by 18 to 20 pounds, which is conducive to improving the vehicle's dynamic performance and fuel economy. This part can be used for golf 7 high-performance vehicles. The biggest problem is to develop waterproof joints to connect the roof with the body and windshield

however, the use of Hackenberg spectrum shield material has greatly improved the bulletproof performance of the bulletproof plate. The grid did not disclose the impact of the part on the cost of the vehicle and the indoor humidity if it is too high, as well as the official release time

due to the high price, carbon fiber materials in the automotive industry were originally basically used in luxury cars. For example, Lamborghini's horizontal body frame was made of carbon fiber materials. BMW and Boeing cooperated on carbon fiber materials last year, and I series electric vehicles will use carbon fiber. However, the application scope of this material has an expanding trend, and more and more attention has been paid by automobile enterprises

Volkswagen competed with BMW to increase the equity of carbon fiber supplier SGL. In February, 2011, Volkswagen acquired 8.18% equity of Sigri; At the end of the same year, BMW increased its stake in Sigri to 15.72%, and BMW shareholder Susan Kraton held as much as 29% of SGL

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