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Volunteer "night patrol" to ensure the lighting rate of street lamps (zhuangzhijian, fengxiaoyuan's correspondent) yesterday, we learned from Jinhua street lamp management office that in order to help the establishment of a civilized city in Jinhua, since the evening of August 27, Jinhua street lamp Management Office (street lamp branch) has organized a team of lighting volunteers to carry out night patrol activities, so as to improve the lighting rate of Jinhua City and make due efforts for our city to strive for a national civilized city

Jinhua streetlight management office uses the night time to form a volunteer team of Party members, cadres, Youth League members and team members. Two people are a group. Jinhua City is divided into four large areas: Jiangnan, Jiangbei, Wucheng District and Jindong District. More than 47000 streetlights (more than 47000 fires) included in the standard of 26000 on 398 roads in the urban area are assigned to each group to clarify the scope of inspection and work plan, And implement it to people

during night patrol, it is required that each team carry out pull patrol at night to ensure that there is no dead corner when the lights are on, and record the blind spot of street lights in detail, so as to include terminal clamps (to meet our use of terminal situation ot/dbv/elpress terminals); It is convenient for precise maintenance, strengthens the closed-loop management of problem tracking, actively strives to improve the lighting rate, and ensures the lighting rate of 99% of the main roads in the urban area and 95% of the streets and lanes. The initial dry crack resistance experimental device of concrete is suitable for testing the initial crack resistance performance index of concrete specimens under binding conditions, and strives to create a national civilized city for our city

at the same time, the peak hours are staggered during the day, and the staff are facing the high temperature, actively repairing and restoring the light, focusing on the timely repair and feedback of various blind spots reported for repair, such as the mayor's mailbox, 8890 and digital urban management. It is extremely beneficial to improve the accuracy of products and ensure the light on rate

xuhaohua, secretary and director of Jinhua street lamp Management Institute, told that since July this year, the whole institute has received 195 work orders from various repair channels, with a completion rate of 100%; Overhaul 2250 afterfires of street lamps in the Development Zone, Jiangbei, Wucheng District, Jindong District, and duohu business center, overhaul 195 street lamp box transformers and control boxes, and release and replace 6200 meters of various wires and cables, so as to fully ensure the safe and reliable operation of street lamps in urban areas and help build a civilized city across the country

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