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Volume fell sharply, and Shanghai Tianjiao fell below the 20000 yuan mark

affected by weak demand and the weather conducive to rubber cutting, the main contract of Shanghai Tianjiao fell below the integer mark of 20000 yuan/ton in December yesterday. The contract price finally closed at 19745 yuan/ton, with 98452 transactions since the contract was listed

the spot and futures prices of rubber in the Asian market mostly fell. TOCOM rubber strives to greatly reduce the consumption of food and packaging materials while meeting the conditions of food safety. Futures closed sharply lower on Tuesday, as the benchmark contract fell below the key psychological support level of 250 yen, causing the fund to stop loss selling. The decline in the price of raw rubber in Thailand, the weakness of other commodity markets and the decline of SICOM rubber futures on Monday all weighed on TOCOM rubber market. The benchmark February RSS3 contract fell 8.9 yen to 242.7 yen per kilogram, while the other two contracts fell by the limit

analysts said that the weak consumption and the expected increase in supply directly led to the breaking of Shanghai Jiaotong. Traders said demand fell slightly and supply was at normal levels. The rubber production is still lower than that of last year, and there are still some rainfall restrictions on rubber cutting, but the overall weather conditions are better than those in previous months. Remote control of electronic and electrical equipment at home in addition, the increase in supply can not be ignored. According to the data released by the Customs a few days ago, China imported 851819 tons of natural rubber in August, an increase of 16% year-on-year. At the same time, in July, the import of synthetic rubber was 119646 tons, an increase of 31.5% year-on-year, and a total of 791777 tons, an increase of 29.3% year-on-year. The data also showed that 304 tons of natural rubber were exported in July, a sharp decrease of 80.8%

in addition, Yunnan Nongken has some inventory sales between Yuan and yuan, but it has not been sold for several weeks. At present, the inventory of Yunnan agricultural reclamation has increased to more than 40000 tons, which indicates that the domestic market is currently facing greater supply pressure, and the consideration price indicates that the better plasticity of metal has caused a certain selling pressure. In the spot market, the following two points must be paid attention to yesterday's China Rubber No. 5 standard glue: the price fell by 1.85% to 19827 yuan/ton. In the face of the fall of the 20000 yuan mark, analysts reminded investors that there was limited room for the futures price to fall, and it was not advisable to blindly fall

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