The hottest volume can shrink the index or maintai

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The volume energy contraction index may remain weak

as of the close, the China Plastics index closed at 927.22 points, down 0.84 points from the previous trading day. The China plastics trading index closed at 812.84 points, down 3.19 points or 0.39% from the previous trading day. The China Plastics spot index closed at 1138.45 points, down 0.05 points from the previous trading day

in the afternoon, the trading market of China Plastics finished at a low level. In the morning, it opened low at 811.76 points, followed by consolidation of the market shock. At 11:30, the China plastics trading index closed at 813.14 points, down 2.89 points. During the noon period, the disk trend was dominated by narrow consolidation. At the end of the end of the trading, the barefoot small positive line was closed, indicating that the upward momentum is strong, but there are differences between the long and short sides at the high price, so we should be cautious when buying

in terms of trading volume in the domestic China plastics trading market, the trading volume was 6833 tons, a decrease of 1189 tons over the same period of the previous trading day; The order volume was 29287 tons, an increase of 437 tons in the same period as the previous trading day. The trading volume decreases, the order volume increases, the price is low, and the index decline range is limited for B2 grade materials

today's spot market is mainly slightly downward. The ex factory price of domestic petrochemicals increased by yuan/ton for ABS, yuan/ton for PP, yuan/ton for PE, and yuan/ton for PS. According to the latest quotation of Yuyao plastic city, the individual brand of ABS (0215a/Jilin Petrochemical) rose by 100 yuan/ton, the brand of PP rose and fell by between yuan/ton, the brand of PE rose by yuan/ton, and the individual brand of PS (622/Shanghai Secco) fell by 100 yuan/ton

overall analysis: in the afternoon, the index continued to decline, especially the spot turned from red to green, aggravating the downward signs of the index. As the May Day holiday approaches, businesses mostly choose to wait and see. In the afternoon trading session, the quotation of some varieties fell, and on the whole, a variety of breakthrough polymer products and additives were on display. The main variety ll1307 traded 145 tons, a decrease of 20 tons compared with the previous transaction, and the trend fell by 0.17%. The main variety pp1308 traded 1780 tons, a decrease of 960 tons compared with the previous trading day, and the trend fell 0.52%. The spot price was stable and small. At the end of the month, the market supply was relatively small. Most traders took advantage of the situation to increase their offer, and some merchants' enthusiasm for stocking increased; Downstream factories are resistant to high price goods, and the firm offer is mainly low price

therefore, as the May Day holiday is approaching, market caution is heating up, and some short sellers have increased their hedging strength, making the index vulnerable in the short term or difficult to change

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