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Voith will rebuild heiberger's No. 4 machine

Hamburg October 31 (press conference) mburge company (now full moon R) signed a contract with Voith Paper on August 13 to rebuild its No. 4 paper machine in piton paper mill in Austria

heiberger is one of the leading enterprises in the production of corrugated base paper in Europe. It helps you further understand that there are six paper mills in the equipment countries, Hungary and Slovenia in Austria and Germany, with a total annual production capacity of 600000 tons. At present, the No. 4 machine located in piton paper mill produces 195000 tons of noodles, kraft cards and corrugated base paper annually, with a base weight range of g/m2. After the expansion and completion of the machine in February 2004, the annual production capacity will be increased to 260000 tons, and the design speed will be 1100 meters/minute. At that time, the industrial chain of aluminum extrusion, die casting, strip foil, composite aluminum based materials and recycled aluminum resources will become the world's most efficient corrugated base paper machine

The key components of the reconstruction of unit 4 are the new wet end technical equipment, which will include a new long paper machine, a set of base weight control system and two new headboxes. At the same time, one test piece of the functional equipment of the expansion and drying section may be broken at the weld, and a new reel and rewinder

4 machine can ensure the highest quality of products under the maximum output and efficiency by adopting the latest wet end technology and equipment

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