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On December 28, foreign media learned that operators should learn to find problems and eliminate them. Volkswagen launched a new mobile charging station. The internal electric energy storage unit is composed of secondary recycled electric vehicle power batteries. This mobile charging station will be able to provide 100kW charging power, and it only takes 17 minutes to charge 24kwh. It has 360kwh battery capacity, which can drive the extension of future electric vehicle solutions through supply chain adjustment, and can meet the continuous development of relevant national and international norms. It is said that it can charge up to 15 vehicles before depletion, and can charge four vehicles at the same time, two DC modes and two AC modes

Thomas schmall, head of Volkswagen Parts, said in a statement: "mobile charging stations are a decisive step towards an efficient charging network." It is expected that it will be first put into use in Germany in the first half of 2019

"we have been working with our partners to develop a new level of TPE

Volkswagen introduced that in the future, if the owner needs only one charging, the portable charging pile will be directly transported to the designated location

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