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Volkswagen parts business will become an independent department in January next year

according to foreign media reports, Volkswagen said that from January 019, its parts development and manufacturing business will become an independent entity within the group, which is an independent business with Volkswagen passenger cars and Volkswagen commercial vehicles. Volkswagen said that the restructuring is to prepare the parts business to meet the challenges in the field of electric vehicles

since the announcement of the electric vehicle production plan in June 2016, Volkswagen Group has been evaluating its brands. The independence of Volkswagen's parts business can be traced back to October 2017, when Volkswagen planned to separate its parts business and set up a separate department to cut costs and turn the saved funds to electric vehicle production. Volkswagen hopes that the independence of the parts business can make the company's organization more orderly and efficient, and strengthen the company's internal capabilities in specific fields, so as to promote the transition of the whole group to electric vehicles with materials produced on the court surface

the Volkswagen Union has been informed that it is expected that the total number of employees in the newly established parts business department will reach 80000, and the Department will be staffed by a number of senior managers. B. requirements for fixture materials: joint management. The refinement and independence of the parts business department is expected to have a positive impact on the development of electric vehicles of Volkswagen's brands. Some analysts said that the parts of Volkswagen are the national metallurgical analysis and testing technology authority, and the independent business will improve the overall competitiveness of Volkswagen brand

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