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DVR network monitoring of Volkswagen Industrial control leads you to master the future of audio-visual technology


at present, Volkswagen Industrial control has launched a new i-dvr, which is a set of digital video monitoring equipment that can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a day. Using the latest MPEG4 software compression technology, whether it is real-time compression or decompression, it pays less attention to low molecular weight PLA polyols, and has a very stable and excellent performance in multi person real-time monitoring, accessing historical files and mobile detection. This is the uniqueness of i-dvr

i-dvr host specification

★ 80g hard disk, 256MB memory, 4U chassis

★ 16 channel video input, 4 channel audio input/output, 8 channel sensor input/output

★ MEPG-4 image compression, high-definition resolution 640 × 480, image data volume 3k/frame

★ support: normal video recording, sensor video recording, dynamic sensing video, dynamic sensing area can be set

★ realize remote image transmission and control through tcp/ip, PSTN, HTTP, LAN and other methods

★ adopt an industrial computer host with stable performance to avoid the risk of downtime and greatly improve efficiency

★ the system is easy to expand and maintain

application industry

offices, production lines Warehouses

communities, office or residential buildings, shops

hypermarkets, chain stores

museums, hospitals and other public places

financial institutions, police/national defense organs

transportation roads, toll stations, gas stations, parking lots

families, schools Educational institutions

q access control system Q banking Q kindergartens

q construction industry Q neighborhood security joint defense

q department store counter application example

q medical industry Q leisure industry

application example explanation

access control +i-dvr system integration digital monitoring (DVR) system

provides a digital yuan image monitoring system of 240 pieces/second, which can make backup of stored images on CD through CDRw

can be accessed through browser.Way, New materials for sand prevention and control such as intranet or in have also solved the difficulties of sandstorm disasters faced by the Qinghai Tibet railway. Internet enables remote image monitoring through PC and other equipment at the local end (the director's computer room) or remotely (including the office). Dynamic detection and video recording are adopted, and anyone can enter or leave, Both are included in the careful monitoring and protection management

provide many to many management system mechanism

support multi group password system

Q access control system

the access control host is equipped with access sensing card reading, area control, grade setting, etc.

the card is equipped with access grade, times, time period, password, etc.

in addition to identifying the identification code of the card, the access control host also aims at the grade, time period, times, date Check passwords, etc.

each access card reader can be set up for guard patrol

e century smart housing concept Q community type: Web based ba/sa system + DVR system

Product Name: EHOME basic type

subject: Set 2 Performance characteristics of horizontal tension machine residential or community

Product Category: Community page and management software platform

industrial remote data acquisition and control product: ADAM-4000

industrial servo host: Community servo host, ba/sa host

16 channel DVR host

gateway and switch hub

excluding: Di point, interphone, piping and wiring of each household On site installation

public area points

system design features

Community Page/community management mechanism/community remote monitoring and monitoring system/home remote monitoring/home remote monitoring

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